Making Sense of Numbers by Understanding People


Sharon Otto was nicknamed “The Finance-ologist” by one of her clients because of her ability to skillfully diagnose a business in fiscal disorder and prescribe the measures that could lead it to economic balance. Often the financial stability of a business is risked from ineffectual accounting practices and lack of healthy communication between departments. Utilizing her many years of accounting and management experience, Sharon applies an instinctive approach to pinpointing the human dynamics that are the root of chaotic accounting situations. She then custom designs daily accounting protocols for personnel to follow in addition to coaching on Emotional Intelligence skills such as relationship management, social awareness, self-management, and self-awareness.

Expert Business Services:

1A. Recruiting Qualified Accounting Personnel

The Financeologist applies her keen eye for numerical proficiency balanced with communication skills when assessing the qualifications of an applicant. She objectively appropriates accounting personnel who possess a solid accounting foundation and an evolved understanding of interpersonal relationships.

2A. Reorganizing Accounting Departments

The Financeologist utilizes her love of organizing to create order amid accounting chaos and to implement efficient and reliable processes.

3A. Improving Emotional Intelligence

Accounting staff that are emotionally intelligent and service-oriented shift interpersonal relations from being strained and problematic to being dynamic and effective. The Financeologist provides one-on-one coaching to accounting personnel.

4A. Support for Entrepreneurs

The Financeologist favors innovation and embraces the entrepreneurial spirit. As an entrepreneur herself, she provides a variety of support services for upstarts as well as seasoned business owners.

5A. QuickBooks Training

The Financeologist offers personalized instruction in how to utilize this product from the market leader in accounting software. Set-up QuickBooks in the most time saving format to provide clarity to your business finances.

6A. Bookkeeping Services

The Financeologist provides bookkeeping services to individuals, entrepreneurs, non-profits, social enterprises, and for-profit organizations.

7A. International Bookkeeping Services

The Financeologist is partial to operating on a global scale by partnering with companies intent on making a positive global impact. She lives by the philosophy that if everyone embraces a global consciousness in their approach work, the world can be made a better place one job at a time.